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About Us

Our Assisted Living (non-medical) Programs were designed to assist with the difficult challenges of daily care as a result of aging, injuries, short and long-term disabilities. No matter how unique, QLHC will meet the needs of our clients with a customized suite of services determined through our Stewardship Review Process. The chief purpose of the review is to assess and monitor the program on a constant basis to guarantee that it is meeting all expectations of the client. If it is not, we will act quickly and make the necessary adjustments in accordance with approval of our client. The client is always “right”.

Quality LIFE HomeCare Inc. staff selection is an indirect link to the quality of care we offer. Our staff is carefully selected and trained comprehensively to provide skilled care. In addition to extensive ongoing training we run background checks. While we value diversity we desire a sense of like-mindedness throughout the organization rooted in trust, compassion and proficiency.

Quality LIFE HomeCare’s management team consists of seasoned professionals who are actively involved in the communities we serve. QLHC is principled in five Pillars for organizational excellence; process, project, change, knowledge, and resources. We believe that good is never good enough and that all of these principles must exist and be accomplished simultaneously to sustain improved performance and the realization of excellence. Like family, we provide guidance and support to our staff. Our human capital is a major thrust of the organization. In addition to the well-being of our client, our staff’s interest is also taken into account with every decision.

Our Belief

Our Mission

Quality LIFE HomeCare Inc. is committed to ensuring that each client receives the absolute finest care that enriches the quality of their lives. We accomplish this by virtue of our commitment to excellence in care and our unwavering conviction in the belief that an active and healthy lifestyle is paramount to ones well-being.


Quality LIFE HomeCare Inc. means simply Quality “Living Is For Everyone”. We look to challenge the perception that quality care is strictly intended for the 1%. We are charged with the desire to create experiences full of adoration, empathy and respect. This is our calling.