What is CDPAP?

The “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program,” or CDPAP, assist Medicaid recipients reclaim control of their home health needs. CDPAP enables the Medicaid consumer to self-direct their home health care, giving them full control of the recruiting, hiring and training process.

Who can I hire to be my to be my Personal Assistant

Consumers are able to hire almost anyone, ranging from family members to neighbors and friends. (The designated representatives and spouses are excluded).

Do Personal Assistants need to have any special Licenses and Certification?

The only qualification required for Personal Assistants is that they must be legally able to work in the United States.

What kind of services can the Personal Assistant provide?

Personal Assistants can assist in many ways. They can provide personal care and household tasks. Some task may include activities of daily living, custodial care, assistance with dressing, bathing/showing, meal preparation, errands, doctor visits and more. Additionally the Personal Assistant may also provide skilled nursing services, such as injections, wound care, etc.

Who pays for CDPAP?

Medicaid pays for this service. Quality LIFE HomeCare simply acts as a fiscal intermediary, which will process all of the billing and payroll on your behalf.

How to enroll in the CDPAP?

Our advisors will answer all questions you have regarding CDPAP. We will handle the enrollment process. Contact us by phone or complete the questionnaire and we will contact you directly.


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